About Me

Loy krathong, Thailand, Jamie Chan

Loy Krathong

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.

About me.

(The Displaced Nation had a lovely interview with me…)

Well lets start with the fact that I am a Passionate, stubborn is debatable Scorpio.

I consider myself a Polyglot.
English, Mandarin, Japanese and Italian for now.

My love for photography started in 2009 and I am blessed to have amazing mentors along the way like my favourite gypsy Mathias Heng.
As a Visual Storyteller, I am a person who deals with visuals before words, visuals -like photography was what brought me back to the Doll Hobby in which they somehow got more expensive over time…

Besides dolls, I play my Violoncello once a year and although I never actually made it past Grade 2, I play well enough to get sounds out of it.
I’ve also been singing in Choirs for more than half my life and am currently with the Kodály Academy of Music‘s Schola Cantorum Singapore.

No Foreign Lands is a blog which somehow managed to win awards focusing on the Photography, Lifestyle and Travel genre and it is where I share the stories and images from my travels and life.

I love nothing more than coming back to a letter box full of hand written letters because receiving a personal letter is the next best thing to showing up out of the blue and keeping me company.

Before I forget, hello my name is Jamie and I am currently in Singapore.

For photography/ blogging assignments or to be my snail mail buddy do contact me at:


You can find my photography works at: Jamie Chan Photography

PS: If you enjoy reading the contents of my blog, feel free to buy me a cup of tea.

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  1. Believe in yourself, follow your passion, think and do creative things and acquire lots of resilience in your journey to success. See you at the SG Blog Awards 2015 😄

  2. Your pictures are marvelous. We were last in China in 2007. I would like to visit again and see more. I am now following your site – I am looking forward to seeing more of your photography too!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Come by again anytime.

  3. Hi Jamie, I absolutely love ur blog. Your pictures bring out powerful emotions and expressions. I’m a teenage amateur photographer(living in Singapore) and was wondering if you could feature some of my pictures in your blog. Any help would be much appreciated 🙂 Thank you so much

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